Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Requests

Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) benefits are there to empower patients to live individually. Here at Sheepcot Medical Centre we acknowledge the hurdles patients encounter in securing their rightful benefits, given the intimidating nature of the application process.

We recognise that patients face significant obstacles to gaining or retaining benefits to which they are entitled. However, the process of applying (or re-applying) can sometimes be lengthy, bureaucratic and fear-inducing.

Patients are often informed to ask their Surgery to support their application with a letter. However, GPs are not obliged to provide such support as these services are non-NHS and are not covered under our contract with the NHS.

Due to the ongoing pressures GP Surgeries are already facing in fulfilling their NHS contractual obligations to their patients, Sheepcot Medical Centre has now put in place a policy not to write such letters.


To assist you with your initial application we advise that you check your NHS App/Patient Access for a summary of your records or fill out a triage form for an admin query to request a Summary Printout of your key medical problems and treatments.

PIP assessors need to know how you the applicant/patient live day to day rather than the diagnosis of your underlying disability therefore, you are the best person to share this knowledge.

If you need help and advice filling out the application please follow this link to the Citizens Advice Service