Mjog Smart

MJOG Messenger app - appointment reminders via text message/smart phone

MJog Messenger is a FREE app for patients allowing quick and easy two-way communications with their Practice. The familiar user interface provides patients with a convenient way to manage appointments, be alerted about services and receive reminders from their surgery. PIN authentication can be enabled to grant peace of mind for your patient.

    • No cost for Patients to use the MJog Messenger App – it is free to download with no message costs.
    • Simple to use app – MJog Messenger is self-explanatory with clear details including links and buttons to complete app interactions – familiar and recognisable styling.
    • More informative messages for Patients, compared to SMS, with styled text and images allowing for clear and branded Practice communications.
    • Convenient communications – app provides a straightforward view of documents including pdfs and letters the practice sends via the app which is delivered to one device (accessible across multiple).
    • Easy access – it’s a simple process to cancel appointments in ‘one click’, provide feedback to FFT, or complete patient surveys.
    • Informative, relevant and efficient communications received – letter, pictures, links etc. all contained in one message.
    • Provides quick access to Google Maps, Facebook and other apps so patients can stay in touch with your Practice.
    • Building greater online engagement with patients.

Please click on the link below to download the app.


For a Quick patient guide to MJog please select the PDF below

Quick Patient Guide